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My art, which includes weaving, spinning yarn, and sewing my hand woven cloth, is more or less free-style.  I really am not one to follow the rules, or stay in my lane; I would rather experiment, and find what’s in my heart and let it flow through me into my hands, into my art.

However, I tend to limit myself.  When I look at the work of others, I realize just how subdued, in the lines, and not-as-expressive-as-I’d-like-it-to-be !!!!!!  I see the imagination of the work of others, and I think – “WOW!”

Today, I discovered the work of Juliet Martin here. Looking at the imaginative work she’s done, I’m overwhelmed thinking how sedate my work is.   However, I’m learning that I have this sort of thing in me, I just have to allow it to come forth, and be.

I had recently hit a wall with all of my creative endeavors.  It only lasted a couple of weeks, but it’s an awful feeling, not having any desire to weave anything, sew rope bowls, or spin yarn.  More on all of those items in the future!

However, on Saturday, we decided to go to The Mannings Hand Weaving School and Supply Center.  They carry all sorts of goodies and supplies for weaving, as well as spinning, knitting & crochet, including tools, yarn, fiber, and equipment.  I had received an email on Friday stating they have decided to close at the end of 2015.  It’s very sad, as they are a wealth of information and supplies, and they are within three hours travel from our home to theirs.  I can’t say as I blame them though as they would like to retire and travel, and I totally get that.  They searched for buyers for awhile now, and no one has stepped forward to say they’d be willing to buy the business.  If it were up to me, I’d LOVE to buy it as it’s in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania.

When I mentioned the email to my husband, he said, “Let’s go up on Tuesday.”  I said, cool!  He had plans to buy hay on Saturday  morning, however, when we woke up and he took care of the horses, it was pouring rain and it didn’t look as though it would end any time that morning……sooo…..after caring for the horses, he came into the house and said, “Let’s go to The Mannings today.”  I wasn’t sure I was ready for the road trip, and I had to call the dog sitter to see if she was available.  We would be gone at least seven hours, and that’s too long for our pups to stay in without going potty.  I lucked out and the dog sitter not only answered her phone, which has never happened before, but she was available!  I was pretty happy, and hurried to prepare to go on a road trip!

As we headed North, out of Virginia, passing through Maryland then into Pennsylvania, the weather changed dramatically.  It was gorgeous!  Blue sky, low humidity, and NO rain!  Yipppeeeee!  I really needed this road trip, and the shopping therapy.

I shopped, and though I spent a ton of money and came home with a ton of Cotton and Tencel yarn to weave with, I could have bought a LOT more!!!!  I mean, seriously!  The yarn was all 20% off, and I did enough damage to last me a LONG time…..

©Martha Manigross

©Martha Manigross

The top row is all cotton.  The large cones on the bottom are Tencel, except for the black on the far right, which is cotton.  I use a LOT of black cotton yarn.  This is all 8/2 which is fairly fine, but in my comfort zone.

Sorry the picture is so dark – when we returned home, the rain was done, but it was still cloudy and almost dinner time, so this is an inside photo taken with it all laying on my blue ottoman.  Not the greatest photo in the world…..

Today, I did finish the woven cloth I’d started about a month or so ago, before I went into my slump.  It is in the Saori style of weaving, using a lot of clasped weft.  I wanted a cloth that was light weight, only black and white, and not thick.  I can’t wait to wash and dry this, and see how it finishes, then drape it on my dress form and work with it to make a nice, classy top.

©Martha Manigross

©Martha Manigross

©Martha Manigross

©Martha Manigros

©Martha Manigross

©Martha Manigross

Total yardage before washing and drying is 5 yards.  Warp:  100% Black Cotton.  Weft:  100% Black Tencel and 100% White Tencel

We’ll see how much it shrinks in the wash!

Speaking of which, I’m in the middle of doing my laundry, and the dryer and washer have stopped.  I must go tend my stuff, and I’ll be back in a few days (more or less) with another post.  Coming attractions:  Rope Bowls and more weaving adventures.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!