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Life Changes

Life is constantly changing.  Some people hate change.  I hate some change.  I hate when companies change products I like and have used for years, and work for me.  I love to change my furniture around.  I love to change what I do every day.  I love to go someplace different every day.

A few months ago, I started a new hobby.  I got involved in playing the Native American Flute.  I absolutely LOVE playing the flute.  It’s such a joy to know I can pick a flute up, and play it.  I don’t have a musical background.  I haven’t ever played an instrument before, other than plucking at a piano now and then.  I can’t sing a lick – it has been requested more than once, for me to STOP singing out loud.  By my family no less.

This hasn’t stopped me from playing the NA flute.  It is an instrument that seems to be a part of me now, and I wonder why it took so long to come into my life.  I’ve gone down the slippery slope of now owning six flutes.  In only a few months.  Not buying a new flute every month is extremely difficult!

I joined a flute circle, then decided that because that flute circle is on a Friday night, and not very close to home, I wanted to start a flute circle that would be during the day, on a weekend, so that people can go to it and enjoy it and not have to worry about driving home afterward, in the dark.

This Sunday, I will be hosting my first flute circle.  It’s very scary to me, because God only knows, I’m not expert on the NA flute.  I just want to share my joy and excitement about the flute, with others, and help them find the joy and relaxation, the peace and harmony, that I find in playing this amazing and simple instrument.

If you go directly to Youtube, you can type in my name, Martha Manigross, and find my videos.  Please give a listen, and if you enjoy it, a thumbs up would be nice too.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this.  I enjoy this music SO much.  It’s not a great camera angle, but hey, its about the sound, not the picture.  😀

Some day, as I improve, I hope to play for people in person.  Possibly make a CD for others to use during meditation, or Yoga, or massage.  Maybe play for people in a nursing home or assisted living.  Or for actual people in a coffee house or something like that.  It would be such a joy to share my music.

By the way, I don’t play actual written songs.  I have recorded one song – Amazing Grace – but that’s the only song I’ve learned.  Everything else, I play from the heart – just play what comes to me in the moment.

Some changes are good!