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Finding Spirit

I’ve been trying to find my spirit for a very, very long time.

Last night, I attended a “flute class.”  It wasn’t the type of flute class you would expect.  This is about the Native American flute.  John Two-Hawks is here, and it was a great experience.  About an hour and a half was about the history on the Native American flute, from his teachings.  He is Lakota Indian, with much knowledge.  He’s a talented, Grammy nominated artist, and a very down to earth person.  His spirit is wonderful and his story is amazing.  Go to his website, listen to his music (also available on YouTube and Amazon Music) and order his books.  Especially the Hidden Medicine book.

2017-08-23 19.03.31

Photo credit Laura Joy

This was a moving experience for me personally because this event only happened due to the founder of our local flute circles, Bob Buettgens had started setting this event up before he suddenly passed away, and I was asked to take it on.  When I started trying to set this event up, I had absolutely nothing to go by – no information on venues, no way to know what was needed, no way to understand what was expected of me.

Due to some good friends and the Universe cooperating, I was able to secure a beautiful country home for Peggy and John to stay in for a week free of charge because of the generosity of one of our flute circle members, Shane.  I was able to connect Peggy to the Unitarian Church in Fredericksburg and the venue for a concert on Saturday night, and for John to speak and play at a service on Sunday morning, all due to a wonderful spiritual friend of mine and flute circle member, Cynthia.  Because of another flute circle member, Diane, we were able to have this class last night (where the photo above was taken), we were able to be in a very special house that stands on the Cedar Run Battlefield in Rapidan VA.  None of this would have come about without these wonderful people helping me and stepping up, having the ability to help out.  I thank them all.

I’m greatly looking forward to the private house concert that will take place Friday night in the same house that Peggy and John are staying in.  It will be a small, intimate setting and I know we are going to have a wonderful time.

I will have more photos and more information later on, after all of this takes place.  It’s been a great week so far, and it’s only going to get better.  It’s all happening for a reason, and I feel that one very important reason it’s happening for me, personally, is to help me be confident in who I am and what I’m doing with the 3 local flute circles I’ve been working with.  Guidance through the class last night is exactly what I needed to continue on with the flute circles.  I know I’m on the right track and doing the right things.  Another thing it’s helping me with is finding the spirit within me.

Thank you John and Peggy for being here and sharing so much with us.