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Life is Short

How many times have you heard that life is short?  It is.  It doesn’t last nearly as long as people would like.

Recently, the man that introduced me to playing the Native American Flute (NAF), passed away, very unexpectedly.  It happens, I know, and most people would rather pass away quickly, than to linger in pain and wondering which day they are going to go to the next adventure.


I myself often wonder when the next adventure is going to begin for me.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to take advantage of every day.  Lately though, it hasn’t been happening the way I think it should.  Does that make it wrong?  Maybe not.  I’m living my life.  It may consist of things that others may feel wasteful.  However, I’m alive, and interacting, every day.  There are days I just want to stay home and sleep. I don’t, because my husband wouldn’t let me.  I do feel like it would be helpful to restore me.  I often have days, or even weeks, o feeling tired, overwhelmed, or just plain pooped.


Life is a journey.  We don’t know when it will end.  Those that leave us before we are ready, are already on their way to the next adventure.  We, those that are left behind, are the ones that suffer with the absence, the loneliness, the empty bed or missing communication.

When Bob left us 2 weeks ago, he left several things that he was very passionate about, left unfinished.  He was very passionate about the NAF.  He wanted to teach as many people as possible about the instrument, the healing vibrations that go into the world, the peace and joy it brings, the way it’s so easy to play, and the sharing it brings people.  He had started 2 flute circles, and I’d gone on to start another.


I’m now the one that will continue that journey and try to keep the enthusiasm going.  It’s exhausting, because I really wasn’t ready to do 3 circles on my own.  I’m just hoping I can do this thing justice, and spread the joy and healing that these flutes bring.

We, my husband, myself, and 2 Native American (American Indian) friends of Bob’s, were asked to play at Bob’s memorial service.  It was an honor of course.  Saying goodbye is never easy.  My husband and I only knew Bob for about 6 months. It’s still difficult.  The service was lovely, and playing while people were being seated was a wonderful experience.  We would play a bit, and then the next person would play.  We also had a drum that belonged to Buddy, which he played when others were playing flute, and he handed over to my husband, when it was Buddy’s turn to play.

When the service ended, I played Amazing Grace.  I was SO freaking nervous.  I don’t know why because I’d practiced it over and over and over and….well, yeah.  That.  No matter, I made it through, sweaty palms, flute almost slipping out of my hands, and almost forgetting the notes.

I’ve now picked up a new hobby.  Making beaded wraps for the flutes.  I love it because it’s colorful and I think I’ve figured out a way to get them to wrap and stay on. I can do it at night in front of t.v. and not make any noise (well, except maybe when I’m swearing because I did something wrong).


Turquoise hearts on a purple background.  This one is mine.


Red, white and blue for hubby because he was in the military and is patriotic.

On the flutes.

It’s also quite zen like to work on.

Take charge of your life.  Learn something new.  Stretch your comfort zone.  Do what you’re not used to.  Be adventurous.  Have fun.  Love lots.  Laugh often.

Life is way too short, and if you don’t do it now, you may never get to.



I’m extremely grateful. The last couple of months have had ups and downs, but the highlights have been so positive.  I believe in The Universe.  Believe good things will happen, and they will.  You just have to believe.  Not make them happen, or be impatient about them happening.  Rather, visualize, and believe.

About two months ago, after a Sunday breakfast at the local diner, we were walking down the sidewalk and hubby decided to venture upstairs to a local gallery called The Loft, in Culpeper, VA.  While conversing with the owner, hubby decided to bring up the subject of my woven wall hangings.  The owner asked me to send her JPG photos and descriptions, which I did within a few days.  She asked me to bring the wall hangings in which I did the following week.

She accepted three of the five wall hangings to hang in the gallery.  For the other two, she suggested we hang them in The Raven’s Nest Coffee House, also located in Culpeper.  If anyone purchases the ones hanging in the coffee house, 25% of the proceeds go to the SAFE house, which helps women and children.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from an ex-co-worker of my husband.  She had another ex-co-worker with her, someone husband hadn’t seen in quite awhile.  They wanted to come by, so I told them sure!  We never get company out here.  After running around the house trying to corral the hairballs that are our life, they showed up, and we had a good time chatting and visiting.  The gals wanted to see my fiber projects.  They were ooooing and ahhhing over so many things, it made me blush.

They wanted to try on some of the shirts and vest I’d made, so we went into the bedroom so there was a bit of privacy, though they tried them on over the shirts they were wearing.  My house is small and the men were in the living room, so the bedroom was the only other place to do it anyway.

They enjoyed trying on the shirts and the vest I’d made.  They switched off and on and the other gal decided to buy two of my items.  I had a really difficult time pricing them because #1, I hadn’t thought anyone would purchase them and hadn’t thought of a price ahead of time, and #2 I really didn’t think anyone would pay for them for what I thought they were worth as far as the work and materials I’d put into them.  However, I came up with a price I thought was fair for me, at least, and the lady bought them both!  I’m so happy and proud.  I am totally aware that my items take a certain person to appreciate them.  Which is the one main reason I was so surprised!

I had decided I wanted to knit a few things, and I made a cowl out of the hand spun yarn with locks I’d dyed and spun during Spring.  I posted it on Facebook, and immediately a friend said she was interested.  Again, I had a difficult time pricing it, but she still wants it, so that will be delivered this weekend.

I so appreciate these things being sold.  I really needed the boost of acceptance and confidence to continue to make items in the hopes that others will appreciate them, and value them, and be willing to purchase them.

The art hanging in the gallery has not sold, as far as I’m aware, but I’m still proud it’s hanging there.  I believe the items in the coffee shop will be taken down when October is over.  I keep hoping with Christmas coming, people will want to purchase these items.

Photos below of the items I’ve spoken about in this post.

Bobbi and her shirt, front and back.

Bobbishirt1 (768x1024)Bobbishirt2 - Copy (689x1024)

Bobbi and the vest – front and back (don’t have a better photo of the back).

Bobbivest5 - Copy (504x1024)Bobbivest6 - Copy (633x1024)

Wall hangings:

FIW (534x800)WOB (534x800)OTB (534x800)FITW (559x800)DSC_0005 (948x1024)

Scarf from yarn I spun:


Thanks for looking.

Take care,

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m Martha, and I’m happy to meet you.  I hope you like what you see.

I’m a fiber artist living in rural Orange, Virginia, USA.

I’m also a spinner and weaver, and I like to try new ways of using fiber – not the digestive kind – the kind that comes off sheep and goats and other animals, from plants, and man-made fiber.

I will be posting my work soon.  I do ask that if you share, you are kind enough to link back to this blog.  Please, do not use the photographs as your own, and please, give me credit if you share them.

Excuse me now, while I go watch the sunset, the hummingbirds on the feeders, and the bunnies that are chasing each other in the yard.

See you soon!