Where does time go???  I’ve been SO busy lately.  Lots going on with the flute circles, and also lots going on with flute wraps.  I currently have 3 custom orders which I NEVER thought I’d have, and have sold about 6 wraps so far.  I’ve bartered for a couple of wraps as well, for some turquoise jewelry that is being made for me.  Yay!

Some pics of what I’ve been up to:  Some of these are sold.  I have also finally listed them on my Etsy shop, and I’ve changed the name of the shop as well.  Heart2Hands4U on Etsy.


I’ve also deleted my page on Facebook for fiber arts.  I’m moving away from that, at least as far as for sale, so I don’t want to keep maintaining it.

A new flute also made it’s way to me.  This one is from Wolfclaw flutes (on Ebay).  Great price for a very nice flute.  It’s very long for me but I can make the reach, so it’s okay.

This flute is made of Canary Wood, and it’s really lovely, in the Key of E.

Okay, time for me to get to work on the 3 commissions I have.  I don’t want to let people down!  More in a bit.


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